Thursday, November 13, 2008

Year of the Ox Call to Printmakers!

PROOF Studio Gallery is again pleased to host the 8th International Print Exhibition and Exchange - an opportunity for printmakers from anywhere in the world to connect with each other by exhibiting their print interpretation of the zodiac sign of the Chinese New Year.  In previous years artists from China, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario have participated in this exhibition and print exchange.

Each artist creates a limited edition Year of the Ox print using a traditional print technique such as etching, wood block, linoblock, embossing, lithographs, relief, silkscreen or mixed print media. (Please tradional prints - no digital work)

It is that time of year again to get out your tools and prepare for the 8th Annual Printmaking Exhibition and Exchange to celebrate the Chinese Year of the OX.  The exhibition will be at PROOF Studio Gallery in the Distillery District in Toronto, CANADA.  A second exhibition venue will be at Ontario College of Art & Design also in Toronto  We are seaching for another exhibition venue if anyone has space to volunteer for the print exhibition for the Year of the Ox 2009.

The first print is matted used for the exhibition.  Additional prints will be  offered for sale or exchanged for other prints. For some artists this is their 8th year of participation and they are collecting some wonderful prints and printmaking contacts around the world.  Printmakers of all ages are encouraged to participate and we have university, college and high school students as well as professional printmakers  involved.

Submission Form - Each Print Must Have A Submission FOrm Attached to the Back!

NOTE: The paper size must be 10x12 inches; the image can be any size within the paper restriction.

Title of Work:

Printmaing Technique(s) Used:

Artist Name:


Postal Address:

Brief Artist Statement:

Participation Fee to accompany your prints:$20 per person/ $10 for students.
This will cover mailing & matting costs.
All prints will be offered for sale at $50 - $100. Proceeds are split 30/70 with artist. Unsold prints will be used as exchange prints with artists receiving each others prints.  (3 - 5 prints may be sent)

Submit to: PROOF Studio Gallery, Distillery District
55 Mill Street, Bldg. 74, Studio 104,


ainesse said...

Hello Sheila

Is there a deadline for submission of the print editions to this exchange project AND will artist who combine ink jet with traditional printmaking techniques be eligible to participate? Please can you respond to the deadline question in particular ASAP ??

ainesse said...

Hello Sheila still hoping to get a response on the question of deadline? I was thinking of posting your notice re Yr of the Ox on my printworkshops website but just need to know this in case the deadline is too soon or is already gone.

thank you Aine